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Dogtra Training and Beeper 2 Dog 1 Mile Trainer 400 Yard Beeper 2502TB

Product #:  2502TB
Brand:  Dogtra

Dogtra Training & Beeper 1 Mile Dog Trainer & 400 Yard Beeper 2502TB 2 Dog

Dogtra's new 2502TB beeper horn is built into the receivers and eliminates the bulky horn that sits on top of your dog's head like other beeper units. Features include 127 levels of nick and constant stimulation, a one mile range and 400 yard beeper activation. The beeper's locate only mode has two tones, while the run/point & point modes have two tones that can each adjust to 3 different volume levels. An LCD window on the transmitter displays the intensity level of the collar and has a battery life indicator. Fully waterproof transmitter & receiver also have 2-hour rapid charge batteries. The 2502TB... Powerful and compact, with the most advanced beeper technology, make this the "World's Finest Training & Beeper Collar".
The Next Generation of Compact Training & Beeper collars, design for the serious upland hunter.
2502TB Dogtra 1 Mile Dog Trainer & 400 Yard Beeper 2 Dog features:
  • Easy-to-use, ergonomically fitted transmitter.
  • Rheostat dial that allows for gradual adjustments in stimulation intensity with no jumps between levels (0-127 levels).
  • Two-dog models allow the trainer to control two different dogs from one transmitter without the hassle of holding additional remotes.
  • The dogtra 2502TB has a 1-mile range.
  • 2 mode stimulation - 'Nick' & 'Constant'
  • 400-yard audible remote-controlled beeper.
  • 2-Dog Unit one receiver is a High Beep with the other is Low tone beeper. (Single-dog unit 2 tones)
  • 3-beeper modes - 'Run & Point', 'Point', and 'Locate'.
  • dogtra 2500TB Series features a new, innovative, Beeper Volume Control. You may now select between 2 different tones and 3 volume levels for each tone (see below for details).
  • dogtra 2500TB Series combines the receiver with the beeper horn into one small, compact unit.
  • dogtra 2502TB Series uses Lithium Polymer batteries that provide a 2-hour rapid charge.
  • Fully waterproof collar/receiver and transmitter.
  • No bothersome external antenna on the collar/receiver.
  • One-charging system allows the transmitter and receiver(s) to be charged at the same time.
  • Over 8000 different identity codes to prevent signal match-up with other e-collars.
  • Easily visible blue LCD screen displays the exact level of stimulation and can even be seen clearly in the dark.
  • A 3-bar battery life indicator and LED colored indicator to show the remaining battery life.

2502TB Dogtra 1 Mile Dog Trainer & 400 Yard Beeper 2 Dogs includes:

  • (2) Water-Proof Receivers
  • one Water-Proof Transmitter/Remote w/carrying strap
  • Lithium Polymer battery for Collar/Receiver
  • Lithium Polymer battery for Transmitter/Remote
  • Test Light
  • 5/8" probes for short hair dogs (see optional long hair probes)
  • 3.2" Micro Antenna for Remote
  • Battery Charger allows simultaneous charging of transmitter and receivers
  • Carrying Case
  • Owner's Manual
  • 2 year warranty - must register with manufacturer
  • Free UPS Ground Shipping 48 Continental State ONLY all express shipping and other customers must contact us!

2502TB Dogtra 1 Mile Dog Trainer & 400 Yard Beeper Stimulation & Beeper Features:

  • “Nick” Button - When the “Nick” button is pushed the receiver emits a single, rapid pulse of electrical stimulation.
  • “Constant” Button - Pressing the “Constant” button gives continuous stimulation as long as the button is pushed, for up to twelve seconds. If the button is not released after twelve seconds, the stimulation will automatically turn off as a safety feature. The collar will be ready to be reactivated once the button has been released.
  • “Locate” Button - Pressing the “Locate” button on the left side of the transmitter causes the collar's beeper horn to emit a series of beepes when pushed and it gives you the ability to keep track of your do's location. On one-dog moels, the beeper can be adjusted between high and low tones. NOTE: the high/low tone is not an option on two dog units. On 2-dog models, the Green collar emits the high tone and the Orange collar the low tone automatically.
  • “Mode” Button - The 2500TB has 3-modes - Locate, Run/Point, and Point-Only. The "Locate" mode can be activated at any time, even when another mode is set, by pressing the top orange button labele "LOCATE" on the left sie of the transmitter. To set the beeper unit to Run/Point mode, press the "MODE" button. Pressing the "MODE" button the 1st time, the collar will beep twice. The 2nd time the "MODE" button is pressed it will beep once, remain silent while the og is running and beep every 2 seconds when the dog is on point or stationary.
Dogtra 1 Mile Remote Dog Trainer & 400 Yard Beeper Upgrades:

When purchasing a Dogtra 1 mile remote trainer please note that single dog remote trainers can not be converted to a 2 dog remote trainers. Reference Dogtra 1 Mile Remote Training & Beeper User Manual below for additional information.

Price:  $504.99 - $550.89

Dogtra Training and Beeper 2 Dog 1 Mile Trainer 400 Yard Beeper 2502TB


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$504.99 - $550.89

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