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Pet Dreams Plush Sleep-Ezz Reversible Dog Crate Bed and Pet Mat XSmall 19-inch

Product #:  PD12XX0
Brand:  Pet Dreams

Pet Dreams Plush Sleep-ezz Reversible Dog Bed Pet Mat XSmall 19-inch

Pet Dreams Plush Sleep-ezz reversible pet mats can be used as a bed in your pets dog crate or just about anywhere your pet likes to hang out. Plush Sleep-ezz reversible pet beds provide 2 beds at 1 great price! This pet mat is completely machine washable with no zippers to open, covers to remove or bolsters that get twisted. Made with bonded poly fill to prevent bunching up in the wash and baffled stitched to prevent shifting. Sleep-Ezz dog beds fits crates, kennels and everywhere pets sleep.

Sleep-zzz Reversible pet mats can be mixed and matched with other Pet Dreams products such as our Dog Crate Covers. Use these pet beds as a spare for dog crate covers when the mattress requires cleaning. Sleep-ezz are great for protecting furniture your pet favorite place.

Plush Sleep-ezz Pet Mat Dog Bed features:

  • 2 in 1 Reversible Pet Bed
  • Perfect size pad for use in dog crates
  • Use as extra pet bed with our dog crate covers
  • Plush Sleep-Eez is same color on both sides!
  • Sleep-ezz is plush and cozy
  • Completely washer and dryer friendly product.
  • No zippers to open or covers to remove.
  • Made with bonded poly fill to prevent bunching up in the wash
  • Sleep-zzz pet mat is baffled stitched to prevent shifting.
  • Affordable to use anywhere your pet sleeps.
  • Fits dog crates and kennels
  • Great for protecting pets favorite chair and other furniture!

Plush Sleep-ezz Pet Mat Dog Bed size:

  • X-Small 19"L x 13"W

Plush Sleep-ezz Pet Mat and Dog Bed color:

New Sleepezz Colors: Black, Sapphire, Silver and Graphite!

SleepEzz Plush Sage Dog Bed SleepEzz Plush Coco Dog Bed SleepEzz Plush Cream Dog Bed
Sage Green
no eta

no eta

no eta

SleepEzz Plush Pink Dog Bed
Pet Dreams SleepEzz Seafoam granite sleepezz dog bed
sapphire blue sleepezz
Sapphire Blue

Plush Sleep-Ezz Pet Mat Dog Bed Coordinates:

Coordinates with our Plush Cratewear Dog Crate Covers so you can always have a clean bed.
Mix and Match your favorite colors of our Sleepezz dog crate beds with one of our dog crate covers.

Plush Sleep-ezz Dog Bed Quantity purchasing:

Purchase more than 1 Sleep-ezz Dog Bed and SAVE with lower shipping.
Price:  $16.95

PD12XX0 Pet Dreams Plush Sleep-Ezz Reversible Dog Crate Bed and Pet Mat XSmall 19-inch

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Price: $16.95

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