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Pet Dreams Cratewear Casualwear Dog Crate Covers XSmall 19-inch

Product #:  PD37XX0
Brand:  Pet Dreams

Pet Dreams Cratewear Casualwear Dog Crate Covers XSmall 19" - NO LONGER Fits 22" Crate

Our Dog Crate Covers come as a set including Cover, Bumper and Mattress.  Our dog crate cover Bumpers are the only bumpers made high enough to prevent dog crate related injuries.

  • Casual Cratewear dog crate cover set consists of 3 items: Dog Crate cover, mattress, and bumper
  • All dog crate cover components are durable and Fully Machine Washable
  • Veterinarian approved & trainer recommended
  • Prevents dog crate sores and entrapped paws.
  • Prevents permanent tooth damage caused by chewing on metal
  • Stylish Dog Crate Covers reduce barking and stress
  • Pet Dreams is the only company that makes quality, durable, quilted bumpers 12" to 15" high
  • Comfortable mattresses are reversible for double wear & tear 
  • Perfect for protecting wagging tails from painful injuries against metal bars!
  • Helps prevent collar strangulation by collars and tags caught between bars.
  • Casual Cratewear provides safe conditions, potentially saving hundreds of dollars in veterinarian bills.
Dogs love the comfort that only Casual Cratewear provides. The dog crate cover bumper is filled with allergy free and mildew resistant poly fiber, and it's machine washable. Thick durable dog crate cover padded sides provides comfort for dogs. Casual Cratewear features Velcro for easy-on and easy-off Decorative Dog Crate Cover.
Add additional SleepEzz mattress pads to your order: mix colors; great for outside the crate too, in the car or simply have a spare while laundering!  

Pet Dreams 19-inch Classic Crateware Dog Crate Cover Set Colors:  
Pet Dreams Dog Crate Cover Set
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Dog Crate Cover Information - Measuring/Size

There are no standard dog crate sizes, but the unique pattern accommodates over 40 popular dog crate sizes from manufacturers like Midwest, General, Precision, and Four Paws. To determine the correct Dog Crate Cover size for your dog crate, simply measure the length from front to back. 
  • XSmall Dog Crate Cover - Dog Crate 19 inches note: crate cover no longer fit 22" crate
  • Small Dog Crate Cover - Dog Crate up to 24 Inches Long  
  • Medium Dog Crate Cover - Dog Crate up to 30 Inches Long 
  • Large Dog Crate Cover - Dog Crate up to 36 Inches Long
  • Extra Large Dog Crate Cover - Dog Crates up to 42 Inches Long
  • XX Large Dog Crate Cover - Dog Crate up to 48 Inches Long

Dog Crate Cover Washing Instructions

Machine Wash with mild detergent. Tumble dry, low heat. Remove promptly. Do not bleach.

Making Your Dog's Bed

Please keep in mind that there are no standard dog crate sizes. Our bedding has been designed to accommodate the majority of crates. For the best fit:

  • Place the bumper in the dog crate first. Start by attaching the Velcro at the back corners of the dog crate and work your way forward. Depending on the size of your dog crate, the bumper may or may not come all the way to the front edge.
  • Next, place the mattress in the dog crate.
  • Finally, you're ready to put the dog crate cover on the dog crate. This will provide the privacy and security your dog will appreciate.

In some cases, it may be best to start only with the dog crate cover until your puppy is ready for his bedding. All crate manufacturers suggest that your dog should be supervised while in his dog crate. If you see him chewing his bedding, promptly remove it and wait until he's over the teething stage. The comfy mattress and bumper will be a great reward for him later!

Dog Crate Cover Fabric content

Dog Crate Covers are made of 100% cotton and is fully machine washable for easy care.

Why you should get a Dog Crate Cover and Bed Set

  • Covering a dog crate can reduce barking and stress
  • Dog Crate Covers are a great way to reward your puppy as he succeeds in his house training!
  • Protect your dog's tail when he can't. When your dog wags his tail in a dog crate, injury can occur.  Dog Crate Covers help prevent this.
  • You'll never force your dog in his crate again with a Dog Crate Cover.  Dog Crate Covers provide the comfort & security that dogs love!
  • Top veterinarians and trainers recommend covering your dog's crate with a dog crate cover.
Price:  $37.95 - $52.90

PD37XX0 XSmall Casual Cratewear Dog Crate Cover

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$37.95 - $52.90

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