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K&H Thermo Heated Dog Bed - Pet Cuddle Cushion Medium

Product #:  KH4061
Brand:  K&H Manufacturing

KH4061 Thermo Heated Dog Bed - Pet Cuddle Cushion 23 x 14

The KH4061 Thermo Heated Pet Bed is a Heated Pet Cuddle Cushion. Your dog is well protected on 3 sides giving your pet a safe, secure feeling. The 3 walled heated dog bed makes this a very cozy bed for your pet to cuddle and curl. The dog beds super-soft removable cushion can be washed and used without the heating system. The heated dog beds lower front allows easy access for the tiniest pets.  It may be the dog bed your pet does not what to leave. 

KH4061 Thermo Heated Dog Bed - Pet Cuddle Cushion features:

  • thermo dog bed recommended for indoor use
  • dog bed is poly filled for easy care
  • super-soft removable washable cushion
  • removable heater for washing
  • low wattage makes this heated dog bed energy efficient
  • dog bed can we used with or without the heating system
  • while plugged in and not in use the dog bed heats 10-15º above room temperature
  • when your dog rests on the dog bed the dog bed temperature will go up to the dogs normal body temperature which is approx 102º 
  • great dog bed for both dogs and cats
  • UL listed for safety
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty

KH4061 Thermo Heated Dog Bed - Pet Cuddle Cushion size:

  • 23 inches x 14 inches
  • 6 inch high sides 

A heated dog bed your pet will love!

Price:  $57.50


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Price: $57.50

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