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Perimeter Wifi Dog Fence Dog Collar for PTPWF-100 Wireless Wifi Dog Fence

Product #:  PTPWC-001
Brand:  Perimeter Technologies

PTPWC-001 Perimeter Wire-Free WiFi Dog Fence Dog Collar for PTPWF-100 Wireless WiFi Dog Fence

This is the PTPWC-001 Dog Dollar Receiver for the PTPWF-100 Perimeter WIFI Dog Fence Wireless Dog Containment System. Unlike older dog fence technology, the Wireless SmartStation and PetLink collar are both connected by Transceivers – highly integrated signal chips that constantly links the distance between your dog and the SmartStation.

PTPWC-001 Perimeter WIFI Dog Fence Dog Collar:

  • Lightweight PetLink Collar Transceiver PTPWC-001

 PTPWC-001 shipping

PTPWC-001 Perimeter WIFI Dog Fence Dog Collar and WiFi Dog Fence Information:

PTPWC-001 WiFi Transceiver Dog Collar Specifications:

  • Width = 2.5"
  • Height = 1.5"
  • Depth = 1.25"
  • Weight = 2.3 Ounces

Settings = 8 Selective Levels to Fine tune your System for each Dog.
Setting 1 - Tone Only Warning
Setting 2 - 8 - Progressively Stronger Static Correction Per Level

Price:  $149.95 - $176.95

   PTPWF-001 Perimeter Wifi Dog Fence Dog Collar for PTPWF-100 Wireless Wifi Dog Fence
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$149.95 - $176.95

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