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Snoozer Luxury Round Pillow Dog Beds [MEDIUM] 20 Colors

Product #:  SN-261XX
Brand:  Snoozer

Medium Luxury Round Pillow Dog Beds by Snoozer

Snoozer Luxury Round Pillow Pet Beds with Micro Suede Fabric

This medium-sized Snoozer Dog Bed comes with removable cover in Micro Fiber Suede with a heavy cording around the middle. Separate liner filled with spring wound, high-loft spun polyester. Machine wash cold & cool dry.

Comfort, quality and style all wrapped up in one pet pillow! Ultra-comfortable, the Snoozer Luxury Round Pillow Dog Bed offers appearance and longevity.

Medium Luxury Round Pillow Dog Bed Sizes
  • Small dog beds - 20 Diameter for pets up to 20 lbs
  • Medium dog beds - 24 Diameter for pets up to 30 lbs
  • Large dog beds - 36 Diameter for pets up to 60 lbs

Medium Luxury Dog Bed colors:

Pink Snozzer Dog Beds
Snoozer Dog Beds Leaf
Snoozer Dog Beds Shona Granite
Hot Fudge
Shona Granite
Black Snoozer Dog Bed
Red Snoozer Dog Beds
Snoozer Dog Beds Butter
Snoozer Dog Beds Bronson Linen
Bronson Linen
Snoozer Dog Beds Saddle
Snoozer Dog Beds Cafe
Snoozer Dog Beds Coffee
Sillicy Bone
Snoozer Dog Beds Buckskin
Snoozer Dog Beds Sicilly
Snoozer Dog Beds Peat
Snoozer Dog Beds Camel
Snoozer Dog Beds Olive
Snoozer Dog Beds Navy
Snoozer Dog Beds Dark Chocolate

Chaparral Silver

Dark Chocolate
Snoozer Dog Beds Herringbone
Snoozer Dog Beds Savannah
57 Toro Cocoa
Snoozer Dog Beds Brandywine
Toro Cocoa
91 Suki Pecan
Snoozer Bobcat Pink Dog Beds
Snoozer Dog Beds Amulet
Snoozer Dog Beds AmuletShell
Suki Pecan
Bobcat Pink
Amulet Shell
58 Toro Antique Gold
58 Suki Buck Wheat
Snoozer Dog Beds Shona Brown Sugar
Toro Antique Gold
Suki Buck Wheat
Shona Brown Sugar

What size dog bed is right for your pet?

There are three rules of thumb often used when selecting a dog bed.

  1. Measure Your Pet Lying Down
  2. Use the Weight of the Pet
  3. When in doubt get the larger dog bed, not the smaller size dog bed

In general we believe that measuring your pet lying down as he is normally accustomed to lying, is the best way.

  • Measure from nose or front legs, to back legs or rump; add 9 to 12.
  • Pick the size of the dog bed that will best fit those measurements, remembering that round dog bed measurements are in diameter (width across the circle).
  • Using weight, with some judgment, use the following guidelines
    • Small dog bed - pets up to 20 lbs
    • Medium dog bed - pets up to 30 lbs
    • Large dog bed - pets up to 60 lbs

Weight is always an estimate; for best results...... Always Measure Your Pet.


Price:  $99.95

   Snoozer Luxury Round Dog Beds
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Price: $99.95

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