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K&H Thermo Dog Bed With Cotton Cover 19 X 24 [SMALL] 3 Colors

Product #:  KH300X
Brand:  K&H Manufacturing

K&H Manufacturing Small Quilted Thermo Dog Bed with Blue, Mocha or Sage COTTON COVER 

Dual thermostats regulate the temperature in this unique Thermal pet bed.The heater keeps the surface temperature of the bed approximately 12 to 15 degrees above ambient air temperature. When the pet lies down it warms to a comfortable 102 degrees . The heater easily removes for washing, which makes the bed useable year round. UL and CUL listed. This bed is recommended for indoor use. A great bed for pets, keeps them warm and cozy. A must for an older dog.

Small Quilted Thermo Dog Bed Features:

  • Quick and Easy Removable Heater
  • UL and CUL listed
  • Soft & Comfy 100% Cotton Cover!
  • Easily Removable Cover for Washing
  • Not One but Dual Premium Thermostats
  • Thermo Dog Bed has color choice of Blue, Mocha or Sage  (see below)

Thermo Dog Bed Size/Dimensions:

  • Small Thermo Dog Bed - 19 X 24
  • Medium Thermo Dog Bed - 26 X 29
  • Large Thermo Dog Bed - 36 X 38

Thermo Small Dog Bed colors:

  • Blue (see color above)
  • Mocha (color discontinued)
  • Sage (color discontinued)

Sage Therma Dog Bed
Mocha Therma Dog Bed
Sage Therma Dog Bed
Mocha Therma Dog Bed

Price:  $49.95

   KH3002 K&H Manufacturing Thermo Bed 19 X 24 With Cotton Cover
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Price: $49.95

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