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Snoozer Restless Tails Pet Couch Dog Beds MEDIUM Many Colors

Product #:  SN-702XX
Brand:  Snoozer

Snoozer Restless Tails  Pet Couch Dog Beds by Snoozer Pet Beds - Medium

The Restless Tails Pet Couch gives your pet a warm, inviting, comfortable feeling as they rest or sleep. 

Our Snoozer pet couch dog bed is made with a Sherpa interior. The foam form pet bed is sure to provide your pet with a comfortable place to relax. The pet couch dog bed is available in 5 sizes fitting just about any size pet. The Snoozer couch pet bed comes in a variety of bed cover colors so you can be sure to find the right match for you and your pet. Dog Bed includes 1 Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty.

Snoozer Restless Tails Pet Couch Medium Dog Bed Features:

  • The Pet Couch comes with a faux lambskin interior
  • The cover is removable and washable for easy care
  • The high side walls highlight the wonderful poly-cotton fabric
  • Available in many Awesome Colors!
  • Limited Manufacturer Warranty 1-Year! 

pet couch dog bed shipping

Snoozer Pet Couch Dog Bed sizes:

  • Small Dog Beds - 15Lx19Wx8H- outside top; 11x15 inside SN-701XX
  • Medium Dog Beds - 19Lx23Wx10H- outside top; 14x19 inside (viewing) 
  • Large Dog Beds - 24Lx25Wx10H- outside top; 20x21 inside SN-703XX
  • XLarge Dog Beds - 26Lx31Wx10H- outside top; 22x27 inside SN-704XX
  • Giant (XXLarge) Dog Beds - 30Lx40Wx10H- outside top; 28x38 inside SN-705XX

Medium Couch Dog Bed Color Choices:



 Zebra Couch Dog Beds  Green Peace Couch Dog Beds  Hippie Pink Couch Dog Beds Snoozer Pet Couch Dog Bed 
 Zebra  Green Peace Sign
 Hippie Pink Flamingo  Hippie Chic Berry
 Khaik Snoozer Couch Dog Bed  Red Snoozer Couch Pet Dog Beds  Navy Couch Dog Bed  Olive Couch Dog Beds
 Khaki  Red
 Navy  Olive
 Pink Peace Couch Dog Beds  Royal Candy Couch Dog Beds  Denim Couch Dog Beds  Jenn Harmony Couch Dog Beds
 Pink Peace Sign
 Royal Candy Pink Denim
  Jenn Harmony



What size dog bed is right for your pet?

There are three rules of thumb often used when selecting a dog bed.

  1. Measure Your Pet Lying Down
  2. Use the Weight of the Pet
  3. When in doubt get the larger dog bed, not the smaller size dog bed

In general we believe that measuring your pet lying down as he is normally accustomed to lying, is the best way.

  • Measure from nose or front legs, to back legs or rump; add 9 to 12.
  • Pick the size of the dog bed that will best fit those measurements, remembering that round dog bed measurements are in diameter (width across the circle).
  • Using weight, with some judgment, use the following guidelines
    • Small Dog Beds - pets up to 25 lbs
    • Medium Dog Beds - pets up to 40 lbs
    • Large Dog Beds - pets up to 85 lbs
    • Extra Large Dog Beds - pets up to 140 lbs

Weight is always an estimate; for best results...... Always Measure Your Pet.  

Price:  $49.95

Snoozer Pet Restless Tails Hippie Chic Berry Couch Dog Beds

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Price: $49.95

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