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Bully Crate Dog Beds

Product #:  1000X
Brand:  General Cage

General Cage Bully Dog Beds for Dog Crates

General Cage Bully Dog Bed Features:
  • Both sides of the Bully Dog Bed are Faux Lambskin
  • The Bully Dog Beds are made of ultra soft, faux lambskin
  • These Dog Beds are machine washable
  • Keep your pet cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Bully Dog Beds are cut to fit our dog cages and dog crates, as well as many other manufacturer's dog crates.

Bully Dog Crate Bed Size/Dimension:

Dog Bed Bully Dog Bed for Crates Description Dog Bed Size
10013 tiny dog bed manufacturer backorder 12½"W x 17½"L
10000 extra small dog bed manufacturer backorder 14"W x 21"L
10001 small dog bed manufacturer backorder 16"W x 23"L
10002 small/medium dog bed manufacturer backorder 17½"W x 26½"L
10003 medium dog bed manufacturer backorder 20"W x 29"L
10004 medium dog bed manufacturer backorder 21"W x 33"L
10005 large dog bed manufacturer backorder 23½"W x 35½"L
10007 xlarge dog bed manufacturer backorder 26"W x 41"L
10008 xxlarge dog bed manufacturer backorder 27"W x 47½"L
Your pet will love the Bully Crate Dog Beds! 
Price:  $15.95 - $49.95

Bully Dog Crate Dog Beds


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$15.95 - $49.95

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