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Perimeter Invisible Fence R21 Dog Collar Receiver

Product #:  PTPIR-003
Brand:  Perimeter Technologies

PTPIR-003 Perimeter Invisible Fence R21 Extra or Replacement Dog Collar Receiver

The Perimeter ComputerReceiver™ Dog Collar Receiver can be used as a replacement to your Invisible Fence R21 dog collar receiver or an additional Dog Collar Receiver for another dog to your existing Invisible Fence system.

The Perimeter ComputerReceiver™ Dog Collar Receiver will work with your existing Invisible Fence 7K or 10K dog fence system.  This Perimeter Dog Collar Receiver will not work with Invisible Fence 800 series dog fences.

PTPIR-003 Perimeter Invisible Fence R21 ComputerReceiver™ Dog Collar Receiver Features:

  • Dog Collar Receiver is a nylon waterproof
  • Perimeter Collar come with patented rubber Comfort Contacts designed for your dog's added comfort and safety.
  • The receiver weighs only 1.1 ounces, making it one of the lightest dog fence receivers available.
  • Patented three antenna, omni-directional design ensures signal reception regardless of the pet's orientation to the fence
  • Replaces Invisible Fence R21 Collar
  • Collar Receiver comes with one pair of rubber Comfort Contacts™
  • R21 Collar Receiver is totally adjustable - one size fits all!
  • Progressive Correction for Maximum Containment Stability
  • Two Frequencies Available (7k or 10k) - to find frequency open transmitter & check switch 
  • Two sets of Contact Posts (1 Pair Rubber Comfort Contacts, 1 Pair Medium Steel Contacts)
  • Includes One Lithium Ion Battery Pack (uses battery #PTPRB-003)
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Perimeter ComputerReceiver™ dog fence collar receiver is compatible with the following Invisible Fence Transmitters:

  • ICT700 , ICT725 , ICT750 (Gray Case) , ICT775 (Gray Case) , Invisible Gate™, ICT150 , ICT250 (Dark Blue Case) , ICT100 (Dark Blue Case), ICT100A (Dark Blue Case) , ICT75 (Dark Blue Case) , ICT50 (Dark Blue Case) , AT950 Indoor Transmitter , CT4000

PTPIR-003 Perimeter Invisible Fence R21 ComputerReceiver™ Dog Collar Receiver size:

  • Adjustable - One Size Fits All
Price:  $159.99

PTPIR-003 Perimeter Invisible Fence R21 Extra Replacement Dog Collar


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Price: $159.99

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