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Snoozer Outlast® 3-inch Foam Small Dog Bed Sleep System 22x15x3

Product #:  SN-951
Brand:  Snoozer
Snoozer Outlast® 3-inch Foam Small Dog Bed Sleep System 22x15x3
The 3-inch thick Outlast® Dog Bed, Snoozer Premium Pet Bed Sleep System is not just a dog bed, but an innovative Pet Bed Sleep System, designed and crafted to give your pet the same kind of comfort and freshness that you want for yourself. The Snoozer pet bed with outlast technology combines 3 special features to make it the world’s best dog bed.

1. Outlast® Heat management technology.
2. Snoozer Odor Audios, Odor eliminating proprietary fabric insert.
3. High density 3-inch convoluted foam.

The Outlast® foam pet bed is designed to manage heat and moisture using Outlast ® technology. This space age material was developed for NASA helps manage the buildup of heat by mitigating temperature swings to balance temperature, keeping pets Not too Hot, Not too Cold ®.

Snoozer Outlast® 3-inch Foam Small Dog Bed Sleep System features:

  • Excellent support for dogs of all ages, including older dogs
  • Inner liner made with space-aged Outlast® technology so your pet is Not too Hot, Not too Cold®
  • 3 inch High density extra thick convoluted foam
  • Includes Odor Audios- Odor eliminating proprietary fabric insert that is machine washable, and outperforms messy baking soda or granulated carbon
  • Removable/washable cover made of luxury micro suede with accent piping
  • 1 year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
  • PLEASE NOTE: Pillow/walls will be the same color - trim in complementary color as listed

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    Snoozer Outlast® 3-inch Foam Small Dog Bed Sleep System Sizes:

    Size Dimensions
    Small (viewing)  22L x 15W x 3Thick
    Medium 26L x 18W x 3Thick
    Large 36L x 23W x 3Thick
    X-Large 42L x 26W x 3Thick

    *dog bed made with the first color on swatch and accent cord to match second color in the swatch.

  • Snoozer Outlast® 3-inch Foam Small Dog Bed Sleep System Colors: (click color below for larger image)

    Black-Herringbone Snoozer Corner Dog Bed
    Buckskin-Java Snoozer Corner Dog Bed
    Butter_Black Snoozer Corner Dog Bed



    Shona Brown Sugar/Peat



    Cafe-Parchment Snoozer Corner Dog Bed
    Camel-Olive Snoozer Corner Dog Bed
    Suki Pean Peat Snoozer Corner Dog Bed
    Suki Buck Wheat Coffee Snoozer Corner Dog Bed
    Coffee-Peat Snoozer Corner Dog Bed



    Suki Pecan/Peat

    Suki Buck Wheat/Coffee


    DkChocolate-Buckskin  Snoozer Corner Dog Bed
    Herringbone-Black Snoozer Corner Dog Bed
    Leaf_Lt Camel Snoozer Corner Dog Beds
    Toro Gold Navy Snoozer Corner Dog Bed
    Amulet Shell Snoozer Corner Dog Bed

    Dk Chocolate/Buckskin


    Leaf/Lt Camel

    Toro Antique Gold/Navy

    Amulet Shell

    Navy-Camel Snoozer Corner Dog Bed
    Olive_Coffee Snoozer Corner Dog Beds
    Peat_Coffee Snoozer Corner Dog Bed
    Pink Snoozer Corner Dog Bed

    Sicilly Bone Peat





    Red_Camel Snoozer Corner Dog Bed
    Saddle-Butter Snoozer Corner Dog Bed
    Chaparral Silver Snoozer Corner Dog Beds
    Bronson Linen Corner Dog Bed



    Chaparral Silver

    Shona Granite/ Dk Chocolate

    Bronson Linen

    Sicilly Coffee Snoozer Corner Dog Bed
    Hot Fudge Cafe Snoozer Corner Dog Bed
    Amulet Snoozer Corner Dog Bed
    Toro Cocoa Buckskin Snoozer Corner Dog Bed

    Sicily Coffee

    Hot Fudge/Cafe


    Toro Cocoa/ Buckskin

    Snoozer Snoozer Outlast® Foam Dog Bed Sleep System
    Snoozer Outlast 3-inch Foam Dog Bed System
    Price:  $109.95

       Snoozer Outlast® 3-inch Foam Dog Bed Sleep System 22x15x3
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    Price: $109.95

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