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Midwest Solutions Dog Crate Double Door 54" Includes Pan

Product #:  SL54DD
Brand:  Midwest Solutions

SL54DD Midwest Solutions Giant Dog Crate is a Double Door Dog Crate

The SL54DD Midwest Solutions Double Door Giant Dog Crate is designed specifically to fit the largest dogs and now with TWO doors! The SL54DD is a corner drop pin dog crate. Midwest Home for Pets is proud to introduce the newest dog crate in the Solutions Series. The SL54DD is the one of most convenient and affordable dog crates available for dogs over 125 lbs on the market today. It's made of durable materials and is easy to clean.
Lastly, it has a safe & secure slide bolt latches for rigidity and comes with a tough easy to clean ABS Plastic Pan.

Due to the Size and Weight of the SL54DD Midwest Big Dog Crate follow these step to determine the discount you will receive off the shipping on this Giant Big Dog Crate:

  • Add the SL54DD Midwest Big Dog Crate to shopping cart
  • Enter your Zipcode Code in field next to "Enter zip code to calculate shipping"
  • Click Update
  • We will issue you a coupon for 5% the price of the shipping of this product
  • Want to continue with the purchase of the SL54DD Midwest Big Dog Crate contact us and tell us the product number SL54DD and your Zip Code and we will e-mail you a coupon code to save 10% off the shipping on this Giant Big Dog Crate.
  • Please consider purchasing item "1154U+PAN" this is the Single Door Big Dog Crate with a Pan.  The shipping is a little more reasonable than the Double Door Giant Dog Crate.  

Features of the SL54DD Midwest Giant Dog Crate

  • Strong and Durable Corner Drop Pin Design
  • Safe & Secure Slide Bolt Latches
  • Tough, Easy to Clean ABS Plastic Pan
  • Independent Pan-Stop Allows Pan Removal with Door Closed
  • Durable Black Epoxy Powder Coat
  • Include Comfortable Plastic Carrying Handles


Midwest Solutions Dog Crate Double Door 54" Includes Pan



Size/Dimensions of the SL54DD Midwest Giant Dog Crate
  • 54" L x 37" W x 45" H
  • 76 lbs. 

Options for SL54DD Midwest Solutions Giant Dog Crate
  • Dog Crate Divider - 99DPN
  • Dog Crate Replacement Pan - 1154NPAN
    We are offering this midwest GIANT dog crate + Divider Panel option at an incredibly low price due to UPS Shipping charge for this GIANT dog crate. Adding the Giant dog crate divider panel does not increase shipping cost.
    Note: The SL54DD Midwest Giant Dog Crate is an oversized product based on UPS Shipping Regulations. The freight charged for this product is the actual freight UPS charges for this product.  
    Price:  $290.00 - $341.50

       Midwest Solutions Dog Crate Double Door 54
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    $290.00 - $341.50

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