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Kyjen Walk N Roll Top Flap Stroller - Navy Blue

Product #:  OH00646
Brand:  Kyjen

Kyjen Walk N Roll Top Flap Pet Stroller - Navy

America's most Popular Pet Stroller and the ONLY Dog Stroller with a Top Flap. What we and our customers love most about this great stroller is the Top Flap. All other strollers are a rolling enclosure. This stroller offers a Top Flap. The Top Flap can be opened to allow your pet more ventilation and the opportunity for a great view. It can also be closed and secured with the simple use of the sipper. Even with the Top Flap open your pet is still shaded by the raised sun shade. Plus it is great for easy access for your favorite pet. You will truly appreciate this feature.

The Walk 'N Roll Pet Stroller is great for small pets. This dog stroller can keep dogs comfortable and safe when enjoying the outdoors. Outdoors, dogs can sometimes put themselves in dangerous positions, especially in high traffic cities and areas with lots of other larger dogs.

Walk 'N Roll Pet Stroller features: 

  • America's most Popular Pet Stroller
  • ONLY Dog Stroller with a Top Flap
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Attractive navy color
  • Folds up in seconds to a compact size for storage and transportation
  • The Walk 'N Roll Pet Stroller Is Great For Small Pets
  • Holds up to 20 lbs.
Price:  $77.95

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Price: $77.95

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