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North States Clear View X-Tall Pet Gate

Product #:  NS4611X
Brand:  North States

4611X North States Extra Tall Clear View Pet Gate

Pet Gate is a see-thru extra tall 32-inches. The pet gate will fit 26-42 inch openings. Pressure mounted with no hardware, and instant setup. Super-strong hard-to-climb barrier. Pressure mounts instantly without hardware. May also be used for children, or rabbits and other small pets.

4611X North States X-Tall Clear View Pet Gate features:

  • Pet Gate is perfect for standard doorways
  • Pressure mount pet gate is easy to install
  • Super-strong hard-to-climb barrier
  • Previously Pet Gate 4612

4611X North States X-Tall Clear View Pet Gate size:

  • Pet Gate fits opening 26-42 inches
  • Pet Gate is 32-inch high
Price:  $34.95

   4612 North States Clear View Pet Gate Xtra Tall
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Price: $34.95

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