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Dingo Double Meat Mini Rawhide Dog Bones 7-Pack

Product #:  DI25507
Brand:  Dingo

Dingo Double Meat Premium Hand-Tied Rawhide Dog Bones 7-Pack

Dingo Double Meat Premium Hand-Tied Rawhide Dog Bone Details:

  • Dingo Double Meat hand-tied rawhide dog bones are a tasty irresistible combination of Real Chicken Breast Jerky wrapped with the highest quality natural rawhide.
  • Dingo Double Meat hand-tied rawhide dog bones have twice the chicken meat giving your dog a big taste of chicken.
  • Your dog will love this double meat dog chew treat because the middle of every bone is double the fun, and double the real chicken meat.
  • Dingo Hand-Tied Rawhide Bones promote healthy teeth by preventing tartar build-up.

Dingo Double Meat Premium Hand-Tied Rawhide Dog Bone Size:

  • 7 hand-tied rawhide dog bones 2.5" long
  • 4 oz

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Price:  $3.59

   Dingo Double Meat Mini hand-tied rawhide dog bones 7-Pack
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