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Bergan Pet Comfort Carrier Large Berry 19" x 10" x 13"

Product #:  BER-88921
Brand:  Bergan
Description:  Bergan Pet Comfort Carrier Large Berry Comfort Carrier is a stylish travel must-have for the busy pet owner concerned about their pet’s comfort.


The Comfort Carrier line features well ventilated sides, convenient pockets a washable fleece bed and a the exclusive Pet Connect feature which allows owners access to their pets without the risk of escape.

  • Generous mesh panels for maximum breath-ability.
  • Washable fleece travel bed and light tan interior for a cushioned and cool ride.
  • Pet Connect reach through access opening to comfort pet on the go.
  • Safety-Belt Loop secures the carrier in the car.
  • Airline compliant

    Dimension of the Pet Carrier: 19" x 10" x 13"

    Color of the Pet Carrier: Berry 
    Price:  $49.99

       Bergan Pet Comfort Carrier Large Berry
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    Price: $49.99

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