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Midwest ACE Life Stage Dog Crate 18-inch

Product #:  ACE-418
Brand:  Midwest ACE Lifestages

Midwest ACE Life Stage Dog Crate 18-inch

The Midwest LifeStages® ACE Single Door 18-inch Dog Crate gives your dog a safe and cozy place to retreat and serves as a valuable tool for housebreaking, puppy training, and travel. Midwest LifeStages® ACE dog crates comes with the amenities of a traditional wire dog crate with the added convenience and security of the MAXLock Door SystemTM.

The patent-pending MAXLock Door SystemTM enhances security by providing multiple lock points around the perimeter of the dog crate door.

The locking handle allows you to easily and conveniently operate the door in one motion without kneeling or bending. Simply lift to unlock, and swing the door open. As you close the door, just lift, position the door against the crate, and lower it into the eyelet latches. Secure the handle in the down position to lock the door.

Midwest LifeStages® ACE dog crate sets up in seconds and folds down flat for travel and storage. Detachable handles clip easily onto the folded crate for carrying. The pan stop secures the durable plastic pan, which can be removed for cleaning, and the rubber feet protect surfaces and floors.

The divider panel is easy to install and can be used to adjust the size of the living area in the crate while your puppy grows into his adult size home.
Midwest LifeStages® ACE is available in seven sizes, designed to fit toy breeds to extra large breeds.

Midwest ACE Life Stage Dog Crate 18-inch Features:

  • Secure MAXLock Door SystemTM
  • Easily sets up and folds down in seconds
  • No tools required
  • Removable, washable plastic pan
  • FREE Divider Panel
  • Rounded corners for your pet's protection
  • Detachable plastic carrying handles for transporting the folded crate
  • Attractive, durable satin-black Electro-Coat finish
  • Midwest LifeStages® ACE is backed by a one-year manufacturers warranty 

Midwest ACE Life Stage Dog Crate 18-inch Size:

  • Dog Crate 18L" x 12W" x 14H"

Midwest ACE Life Stage Dog Crate 18-inch Color:

  • Black 

Midwest ACE Life Stage Dog Crate 18-inch:

MAXLock Door SystemTM
enhances security

Midwest ACE LifeStages 7 Sizes

Midwest ACE Life Stage Dog Crate 18-inch eyelet dog door crate Midwest ACE Life Stage Dog Crate 18-inch sizes


Price:  $25.00

   Midwest ACE Life Stage Dog Crate 18-inch
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Price: $25.00

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