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62314 Hammock Style Dog Seat Car Cover

Product #:  62284
Brand:  SOLVIT

62314 Hammock Style Dog Seat Car Cover

Protect your car's upholstery while your pet rides on a comfortable blanket.

Our Hammock Style Pet Car Seat Cover is our most versatile cover, protecting not only the back seat and the floorboard area from dirt, dander and "spills", but also serving as a barrier to keep pets off the front console. Made from SOLViTEX, a heavy cotton twill fabric that is soft to the touch, yet wears like iron. Multiple attachment points, adjustable straps and two Sta-Put devices (see images below) keep the cover firmly in place in ALL VEHICLES. Waterproof construction with Stain-Blodk treatment.

Dimensions: 56 x 59

Price:  $49.99


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Price: $49.99

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