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General 6 Bar Euro Pet Barrier

Product #:  6-BAR-EURO
Brand:  General Cage

6-BAR-EURO General Cage Auto Barrier 6 Bar Euro for Mini-Vans & SUV

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Auto Barriers EURO Bar are the strongest pet barriers on the market! With the pressure mounted installation, you will be able to have these barriers installed in seconds. Easily fits the contoured sides of today's vehicles.

Heavy gauge, welded tubular construction allows for no obstructed vision and keeps your pet to the rear of your vehicle, safely away from driver & passengers.

Auto Barrier Euro Pet Barrier 3 sizes:

4 BAR EURO Perfect for smaller cars.  Expands from 34" to 60" wide and 29" to 50" tall

6 BAR EURO Fits mini vans and SUV's.  Expands from 35" to 60" wide and 24" to 45" tall

10 BAR EURO Fits full size vans and SUV's.  Expands from 35" to 66" wide and 37" to 55" tall

Price:  $105.95



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Price: $105.95

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