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Dynamic Accents 30-inch Tall Free Standing Pet Gates 3-Colors

Product #:  42304
Brand:  Dynamic Accents

Dynamic Accents 30-inch Tall Free Standing Dog Pet Gates 3-Colors

Dynamic 30-inch Tall Free Standing Pet Gate is for taller dogs and is 10" taller than the standard dog gate. This freestanding gate is fully assembled and no tools are required for installation or use. Just set the pet gate up right out of the box. The 30-inch Tall Free Standing Pet Gate helps you block off doorways, hallways or large openings and protects your home, family, and house guests.

The hand stained hardwood finish compliments the elegant touch to any room in your home. Featuring an old world craftsmanship of mortise and tenon construction (no nails, pins or staples!) means quality that lasts a lifetime. The strong 18" end panels combined with no-skid foot pads for superior stability to prevent tipping. The freestanding design means complete portability and eliminates the damage that occurs from permanent installations into your walls or door casing.

The sliding width adjustment allows you to block off openings from 28-inches up to 72-inches making this one of the most versatile pet gates available. An if you only need it occasionally, don't worry, it folds flat for easy storage when not in use. The wood balusters are spaced specifically for safety but still allow your pet to see what's going on. This helps reduce separation anxiety and whining and scratching that can happen if he feels left out.

Dynamic Accents 30-inch Tall Free Standing Pet Gate is available in 2 expanding sizes and 3 beautiful finishes.

It is important to note that Dynamic Accents gates offer many compelling advantages over imported products not the least of which are quality and safety.  ALL Dynamic Accents products manufactured utilizing native American hardwoods and are finished using high quality, NON-TOXIC, water based finishes. These important differences make these products safer for pets, children and the environment

Dynamic Accents 30-inch Tall Free Standing Pet Gate features:

  • beautiful hardwood construction
  • 30-inch high rather than the standard 20-inch
  • 18-inch ends provide stability and prevents tipping
  • Easy sliding width adjustment covers openings 28” to 48” (small) and from 40” up to 72” (large)
  • convenient 2-piece high design for easy setup
  • freestanding - no mounting
  • 3 popular eco-friendly water base finish
  • anti-skid foot pads provide stability for hard surfaces
  • top quality mortise and tenon joinery

Dynamic accents dog pet gate

Dynamic Accents 30-inch Tall Free Standing Pet Gate sizes:

Size Height Width Baluster Spacing Stock Status
Small 30" 28" to 48" 1.75"
Large 30" 39" to 72" 1.75"

Dynamic Accents 30-inch Tall Free Standing Pet Gate Colors:

  • Artison Bronze 
  • Mahogany
  • Black

collapsed pet dog gate
collapsed pet dog gate
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Tall 30-inch Freestanding Pet Dog Gate
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Large Mahogony Tall
Freestanding Pet Gate

Small Black Tall
Freestanding Pet Gate

Price:  $180.00 - $210.00

42307 Dynamic Accents 30-inch Small Tall Free Standing Pet Gates Artisan Bronze

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$180.00 - $210.00

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