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Dynamic Accents Black Finished Wooden Dog Crate End Tables All-in-1 36-inch

Product #:  42167
Brand:  Dynamic Accents

Dynamic Accents Black Finished Wooden Dog Crate End Tables All-in-One 36-inch

Dynamic Accent 36-inch Black finished Wood Dog Crate End Table is the All-in-1 solution if you are looking for a wireless piece of pet furniture.
You have spent a lot of time and effort to make your home beautiful, now this wooden dog crate furniture can blend right in with your decor.
Even though this is a beautiful hardwood poplar dog crate, you won't have to worry about clean-up. The easy to clean Extira™ waterproof crate floor eliminates the absorption of liquids and odors. Plus these dog crates are the same dimensions as most dog crates to allowing standard sized crate pads and dog bed cushions.
Access for you and your pet is simple too. A swinging door contains your pet at nighttime or lets him come and go. The door can also swing inside so it's out of the way.

Dynamic Accents 36-inch Black Wooden Dog Crate End Tables All-in-1 features:

  • Poplar hardwood finished in Black
  • Extira™ waterproof crate floor eliminate absorption of liquids or odors 
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-marking furniture glide feet protect floors 
  • Swing-through door that can be fastened shut with the fashionable Door Latch
  • Fashionable Door Latch securely confines  
  • Wooden dog crate door can be rotated inside the crate to provide open access for your pet
  • Can accommodate standard size dog crate mats and cushions
  • Available in Mahogany or Antique Black finish or solid Oak 
  • 2 Sizes available 24" or 36" Long - both are 27-inches high

Dynamic Accents Wooden Dog Crate Shipping

Dynamic Accents Black Wooden Dog Crate End Tables All-in-One color:

  •  Black Backorder NO ETA

Dynamic Accents Black Wooden Dog Crate End Tables All-in-One size:

  • 36"L x 24"W x 27"H
Price:  $399.00

   42167 Black Finished Wood Dog Crate End Tables All-in-1 36-inch
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Price: $399.00

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