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Precision Pet Plastic Dog Crate Pan 24-inch

Product #:  3112-POGRC2000B
Brand:  Precision Pet Products

Precision Pet Plastic Dog Crate Replacement Pan 24-inch

Precision Pet plastic Dog Crate Pan Tray is NO LONGER AVAILABLE!
Precision Pet Plastic Dog Crate Pan is made of Polyprophlene by an injection mold process.
Precision Plastic Dog Crate Replacement Pan will fits Precision 24" GRC, SCC & BSC 2000 Dog Crates.

Precision Pet Plastic Dog Crate Pan Size:
23 1/4"L x16 11/16"W x 1 1/4"D
Precision Pet Replacement Metal Dog Crate Pans can only be shipped using Ground Shipping. Our Precision Replacement Metal Dog Crate Pans ship direct from Precision. Allow 3-4 Business Days for Precision Dog Crate Pans and Trays to ship when checking Tracking Information.
Price:  $999.99

PPP_PAN_24 Precision Pet Metal Dog Crate Pan 24-inch


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Price: $999.99

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