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Wire Crates are listed by number of doors, brand, and price!

Single Door
Crates ......
Single Door E-Crate Black in Various Sizes. Low cost option for those on a Budget!!

Single Door Valu Line in Various Colors and Sizes. Heavier Duty Budget Crate

Single Door Cozy Crate Black in Various Sizes. Very easy to set up and collapses to suitcase size
 General Fold Down

Single Door Fold-Down Various Colors/Sizes. Collapses to suitcase size making it super portable


Side Door in Various Colors and Sizes. Side Door Crates are perfect for travel in SUV's or Vans


 Single Door I-Crate Black in Various Sizes. Easy Setup and Take Down to Portable Size

Single Door Black LS in Various Sizes. Fold & carry, includes divider. Easy set up & take down

 Double Door
Crates ......
2 Door in Various Colors & Sizes. Door on front & side for easy access anywhere

MidWest 2-Door I-Crate

2 Door I-Crate Black in Various Sizes. Includes divider. Easy Set Up & Down to Portable Size
2 Door LS Black in Various Sizes. Includes carrying handles & divider
 Triple Door
Crates ......

3 Door Black Medium Size Only. Ideal for housing puppies for cleaning or for convenient accessibility (Top Door)


3 Door Select Pewter in Various Sizes. Easy On/Off removable doors allow easy access


3 Door Zinc in Various Sizes. Includes divider & pan. Folds "Suitcase Style" in Seconds


General Cage Slant Front Wire Dog Crate
Majestic Pet Single Door Wire Dog Crates
Midwest Ovation Wire Dog Crates
Midwest Solutions Dog Crates
Pet Gear Travel Lite
Prevue Wire Dog Crate
Round Wire Dog Crates
Stacking Dog Crates
YML Dog Crates
General E-Crate
General Valu Line Crate
General Cozy Crate
General Fold Down
General Side Door
MidWest I-Crate
MidWest Life Stages
2-Door Dog Crates
MidWest I-Crate 2-Door
MidWest Life Stage 2-Door
General 3-Door
MidWest Select 3-Door
Midwest Ultima Pro 2-Door Dog Crate
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