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Price Comparison Shopping Guide

When you are shopping on-line you need to consider more than just the price of the item.

1.  Price - Price can be deceiving

2.  Shipping - many online stores inflate their shipping to cover the cost of selling at a lower price

3.  Taxes - check if the online supplier charges tax in your state

4.  Discount Coupons or Incentives - many times a website will offer discount coupons online which can decrease your price significantly


Online Store 1:   Offers 5% off purchase over $50           Online Store 2:   Offers no discounts       Online Store 3:  Offers 10% off purchase over $100

Price                              95.00                                    Price                      90.00                       Price                      105.00
Shipping                         25.00                                    Shipping                 30.00                       Shipping                   20.00     
Tax                                  0.00                                    Tax   7%                  6.30                       Tax                            0.00
Discount 5% off               -4.75                                     Discount                  0.00                       Discount 10% off      -10.50
Total Price                   $115.25                                    Total Price           $126.30                      Total Price             $114.50

At first glance Store #2 looks like the better option but after comparing shipping, discounts, and taxes - The higher priced store has the lowest price.

Don't be fooled by lower prices. 


  • check the online store for discounts and incentives
  • put the products in your shopping cart and check shipping based on your address (you can always back out)
  • will I be charged tax

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