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PetiPaws As Seen on TV, Pet Nail Grooming, Dog Nail Clippers

Petipaws As Seen on TV is the perfect Dog Nail Clippers. Petipaws can trim your dog's nails without the pain caused by traditional dog nail clippers. The secret of the PetiPaws pet nail grooming tool is the precision filing wheel that gently removes thin layers of nail to leave your pet's paws touchably soft. Your dog will never need to experience the pain associated with dog nail clippers again and your home will be safe from scratched floors and furniture.
The unique protective PetiPaws cap allows only the exact amount of nail to be removed during pet nail grooming.  The PetiPaws cap collects all the nail filings eliminating the mess as you do pet nail grooming. Both you and your pet will love the experience when using the PetiPaws As Seen on TV Pet Nail Grooming tool.

The PetiPaws can be used as a nail trimmer for cats.

PetiPaws As Seen on TV Pet Nail Grooming Dog Nail Clippers Features:

  • The Fast, Easy, and Gentle pet nail grooming tool
  • PetiPaws can be used for trimming nails on both cats and dogs
  • PetiPaws is the revolutionary pet nail grooming tool to keep your pet's nails trim, rounded and smooth
  • Best of all Petipaws is painless for your pet unlike traditional cat and dog nail clippers
  • Another plus is there is NO MESS!
Now you can purchase the same PetiPaws As Seen on TV - no 6-8 week wait period.  We ship the PetiPaws 1-2 business days after you place your order.

Please note that PetiPaws aka PediPaws is the correct spelling but is often mistaken as PetiPaws.

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