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GPS Pet Tracking and Tracking Collars - RoamEO, PetSafe, and Garmin

We are sorry but we no longer sell the RoamEO GPS Pet Tracking System! For information on this system search for White Bear Technologies RoamEO. 

Thousands of pets are lost every year, don't let your pet be a victim.  The same technology - GPS, PC's, and Phones - we use daily is available to protect your pet, one of the most important things in your life.

We carry both the RoamEO and PetSafe GPS Dog Tracking Receivers and Collars.

The RoamEO PuP unit differs from the RoamEO Classic in the following ways:

  • The handheld is smaller and more streamlined.  It will now fit comfortably in anyone's hands and is not so bulky.
  • It is a pointing unit.  What this means is that instead of showing the dogs moving around in real time it points to a quadrant - Front, back, left, right, front/left, front/right, rear/left, and rear/right.  Showing you the direction you need to walk in order to meet up with your pet.
  • It also shows the distance that you are away from the pet, so you know how far you need to travel.
  • Unlike the RoamEO Classic ability to track 3 pets, the PuP will only track 2 pets at a time
  • The Pup Screen is in a high contrast black and white format, and very readable in sunlight. The RoamEO Classic is a color LCD screen.

NEW! Garmin Astro GPS Dog Tracking System Now Available!


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