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Dog Crate Pan Replacement Club

Join our dog crate pan replacement club to earn credit for a discount on future purchases of crate pan, crate tray, crate pans, cage tray, crate trays, cage trays, dog cage tray, cage pans, dog crates trays, dog cage trays, dog crate replacement trays, dog cage pan, pans for dog crates, rabbit cage tray, trays for dog crates, and metal cage tray - what ever you call your replacement crate tray.

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How does the dog crate pans club work? 

  1. Sign-up for the "DogLounges aka DogCratesBeds Dog Crate Pan Replacement Club." 
  2. After purchasing 5 crate pans we will send you a coupon code in the amount of 5% of the previous 5 crate trays purchased. 
  3. For example: Purchased five Midwest 24PAN dog crate replacement trays at $25.95. Receive a coupon for $6.49 on your next purchase.
  4. We will keep a record of each crate pan purchase and send you an e-mail notification with your discount and provide you with the coupon code and dollar amount. 
  5. The discount coupon is calculated on the product purchase amount and can only be redeemed against product purchase not freight.

dog cage tray, cage pans

Join the Dog Crate Pan Replacement Club Today!

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Terms of Dog Crate Pan Replacement  Club: We have no intention but we do reserve the right at any time to change, amend, or cancel our crate pan club.     

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